Throwing Up The Dust At the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Frederick High School’s groundbreaking ceremony was held Thursday, September 3rd at 10 a.m., between West Frederick and Frederick High. Individuals such as the mayor, Senator Young, County Executive Jan Gardner, board of education members, and students and principals from many of the feeder schools came for the momentous event.
Frederick High School was established in 1891, opened in 1939, and hasn’t been remodeled since late 1970’s. The project for the new state of the art facility has taken 2 years of design and will take 2 more years for construction. Brad young, Board of Education president informs us that the project will cost approximately 120 million dollars, but is a “well worth investment”.
Over the past few decades, many county schools have been built or refurbished, while Frederick High has remained as is. The county has focused recently on prioritizing which schools need to be replaced or remodeled.
Principal Campagnoli shared that the groundbreaking ceremony “marks the Frederick High community’s next exciting journey”.
“The FHS community has waited long enough for the renovation.” said Jan Gardner, County Executive. Gardner believes the new facility will provide a better learning environment for students, and that the school’s motto, “Enter to learn, Go forth to serve” will be well-represented in the new facility as it is in the old building.
Frederick High’s SGA President, Chris Moezaw was glad to be a part of the groundbreaking ceremony.
“I think the groundbreaking ceremony was a great way to bring the community together, and it advocates the school in a positive way.” said Moezaw.
Many state representatives, along with Delegate Carol Krimm from the Maryland House of Delegates were glad to hear of the excellent improvements being made in the new school.
“Before the ceremony today, a few of us got to tour the current building. The principal and staff members here are doing a great job of maintaining the high standards set here at Frederick. But, between the really narrow staircases, open classrooms with no doors, and even a few torn curtains, this community needs a new building.” said Krimm. Senator Young also mentioned his concern with the staircase/hallway situation, the classrooms and their capacities, and the previous leaks in the school.
Delegate Krimm also shared her disappointment for those who are either current juniors or seniors that they won’t be able to experience the new school. Even those graduating before the new school is ready are still working extremely hard for the new facility to be built, and effectively participated in the ceremony.
“Frederick High School has a tradition of excellent learning habits, and with the new school they’re bound to uphold their traditions.” said Krimm.
Mayor Randy McClement saw the groundbreaking ceremony as an event symbolizing the recognition of the new facility and what it does for our community. Mayor McClement thinks that the community will look forward to their children going to Frederick High’s new facility, considering he has never found FHS to have a bad reputation.
Overall, the ceremony was a momentous event for the Frederick High community, and was the start of a new beginning.

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