Patriot Hate is Nothing More than Jealousy

patriotsThe first thought that comes to many people’s minds when they hear ‘New England Patriots’ is the word ‘cheat’. Suddenly, it has become socially acceptable to loathe the Patriots. And even months later, there are several news articles that beat a dead horse; they cover the “Deflategate” scandal. But above all, why does everyone, football fan or not, despise the Patriots? The answer is simple: The Patriots are the best team in the NFL in the Brady-Belichick era. They earned this title because of two simple reasons: The Patriots actually cheat very infrequently, and also they are objectively the most successful team.

Contrary to popular belief, the Patriots rarely ever cheat. In fact, according to yourteamcheats.com, they are third to last in cheating, with twenty confirmed instances of cheating, ranging from serious (such as ‘spygate’ – note that most, if not all, teams are guilty of having done this, but few are caught or publicized about it) and minor (abusing injury roster) offences. Meanwhile, the infallible and divine team known as the Denver Broncos have cheated an astounding 51 times, but even after ‘spygate’ occurred, they receive very little publicity about it. The Patriots, on the other hand, are constantly in the news over pointless issues such as ‘Deflategate’ simply because of their success. In reality, ‘Deflategate’ was a baseless accusation using falsified information; only one of twelve footballs were 2 psi under the legal limit. The media, as absolutely honest as they are, decide to inflate the story and sow controversy and drama, which in turn results in more ratings. Because of that, the popular notion is that the Patriots are the ‘evil cheaters’ while all of the other teams are innocent. While that does not justify having cheated 20 times, it disproves the popular notion of being cheaters, which gives people no right to vilify the Patriots for cheating.

The other reason the Patriots are the best team in the NFL is that under the Brady-Belichick Dynasty, the Patriots have been the most successful team, winning four Super Bowls and having participated in five. They have also been in the play-offs in almost every season since Brady became the starting quarterback. Their incredible stats have no end. What also makes the Patriots the best team is that they have a maniacal criminal mastermind of a head coach, who can devise intricate and original plays and strategies, and that they have the greatest quarterback of all time: Tom Brady. At the start of his career, he was a mediocre and uninspiring quarterback who appeared as though he had no future. Now, he is breaking records and making being a quarterback look easy. So while many enjoy taking part in a group-hate mongering about him, he is in reality a solid, inspirational athlete who has three Super Bowl Rings and an enormous mansion complete with a supermodel wife. What is there not to love about Tom Brady and the Patriots?

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