Our Newest Addition to the FHS Athletics Department

Ms. Burford recalls a moment in her teenage years during a track meet, as an anchor leg on a 4×400 relay. Her coach was screaming at her as she ran. Afterward, she asked her coach, “why were you yelling at me?”

He replied, “that’s what your dad does and it motivates you.”

Randi Burford, our new physical education teacher, is no stranger to fearlessly trying new things. Her willingness to learn and explore new opportunities has shaped her life. If, “girl power” was a person, it could definitely be her. She defies many of the traditional expectations of what a women should be, while she still manages to maintain her style and grace. As a young girl, she was always into sports and was a self proclaimed tomboy. In her household, she was always pushed to strive for greatness and individuality, especially by her father.

After college, coach Burford became an art teacher and took on the position of the volleyball coach at the school. Pretty normal stuff, except that she had never played volleyball before! Although she might have been unfamiliar coaching the game, she was willing to learn and continued to coach it.

Prior to teaching at Frederick High School, she taught at Windsor Knolls Elementary School and Urbana Middle School. Once again, the new environment of high school didn’t deter her from the opportunity. One of her colleagues, Mr. Rhodes, pointed out that the first thing he noticed about her was that, “She exudes so much confidence.” Not many can be so confident as they do something that the are unused to.

While, she is passionate about sports and her career, she is also a caring mother and devoted wife. On top of raising a family, she also makes time for hobbies. She loves to take things apart to see how they work, then put them back together. One of her most recent projects were cabinets to go around her entertainment center. Yes, she has a tool box. No, it’s not pink!

She is a prime example that one doesn’t have to be girly to be feminine. She pours passion and genuine hard work into everything she does. Trying new things can be scary enough for one person, but the most fearless thing she’s done is being unapologetically herself.

So, in the words of Burford herself,  the first step in remaining true to oneself is, “get over what everyone else will think of you.”

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