A New Season Means a New Attitude

Improvement is the key to success. Frederick High’s football team has improved in many aspects of the game since last season. The improvement is evident in the player’s mindset. Coaches are working with the team to have the same high expectations for themselves as the coaches have.

Khyree Moten, a senior on the team, said “we accepted defeat last year”, something players are not going to do this year. Instead, the team is going to work hard to make sure they put up a fight. Captain Jonathan Shedio talked about the family aspect of the game.

“We have come together a lot more as a family this year and I think that will show on the field” said Shedio. “The cohesiveness will show on the field and with that we should win more games this season” said Shedio.

With all the changes made to the attitudes and mentalities of players “[the players] are miles ahead of where we were last year” said Shedio, talking about the team as a whole.

While changing the attitude of players does help improve the team in many aspects, working on basic skills will help improve the game as well.

“The guys haven’t learned some of the fundamental things” said Coach Padget, a new coach to the Frederick High football family. The coaching staff is working on improving the basic skills in order to be ready to move into more complex skills later in the season.

Behind every great team, there is a great coaching staff, and there are new additions to the FHS staff this year.

“It’s all about finding the right coaches to make this team great,” said Coach Padget.  I would say that this particular coaching staff is changing the team in all the right ways.

Frederick High has played two games so far this season. Their first game was at Watkins Mill on September 2 with a loss of 44-0. A week later, they traveled to Catoctin on September 8, putting points on the board ending with a loss of 46-6. Since their first two games, the football team has made some further changes.

“We have to fix what we are” said Coach Pirri.

As the season progresses, the team will not be going after who the other team is, instead they will be improving on their mistakes from previous games. In order to improve on who the team is as a whole, Coach Pirri has altered the practice schedule.

“We are making practices a lot harder,” said Coach Pirri. “Tuesdays and Wednesdays need to be the hardest days of the week, harder than Fridays, more intense than Fridays. This way Fridays are easier for them. We will be physically tougher, mentally tougher. This is the solution to the problem.”

It is evident that as the season progresses, the football team will progress as well. The improvements that have been made are already evident in the games that have been played.While the season goes on, the Frederick High football family will improve their game.

We should too. Come and support the Frederick High football family this Friday at our first home game against Tuscarora!


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