Teachers react to the new and the old FHS

Frederick High School’s current facility has been around for 77 years. In 77 years, many unforgettable memories have been made. Who’s more capable of sharing those memories than the teachers who have worked in FHS the longest? All the teachers interviewed have worked at FHS for twenty years or more. In those twenty years, my oldest sister was born, graduated from FHS and is now in her second year of college. During this same timeframe, the teachers interviewed have been teaching English, AP chemistry, parenting, government, AP psychology, digital photography,
and film study.

Mr. Templeton, who has worked at FHS for twenty years, has taught English, graduation project, theater, technical theater and film study. His favorite
to teach is either film study or theater one. The craziest thing that has ever happened to him while in the building is when, for about three weeks, the catwalk lights in the auditorium were unplugged each night. He said that he asked all of his students, the custodians and all the other teachers who used the auditorium and none of them had been doing it. They even checked the cameras in the hallways. Templeton is convinced it was a ghost. Templeton’s main complaint about the building is the food choices. He wishes that Mr. Zachman’s classes could make the meals for all the lunch shifts. In the new building, Templeton is most looking forward to the new auditorium/stage equipment. He is excited to work with the new auditorium where the equipment is not thirty years old and faulty.  Lastly, Templeton’s favorite thing about this building is the sense of history, and how there’s a sense of who has been here and left their mark.

Mrs. Cramer has been teaching at FHS for twenty one years, and in her own words, “What hasn’t she taught?” From AP Psychology to Government, she’s taught most of the social studies classes offered at FHS. Her favorite class to teach is government, but she loves everything.cramer

“I just love to teach!” said Cramer.  The craziest thing that has happened to her in this building is that she’s been locked in a stairwell. She does not like how there are no real walls, and that she does not have a door. She also does not like how her podium is always falling over and the projector screen is always falling down. She is looking forward to a real door at the new FHS. What she loves about the school is that people know of her voice, without her even teaching them — which can surely be because of the lack of real walls.

I also spoke with Mrs. Strakonsky. She has been teaching at FHS for thirty two years. Just like Mrs. Cramer, she has also taught basically every social studies class that has been offered at FHS. Her favorites to teach have been AP psychology, and AP human geograstrakophy. Strako says that there have been too many crazy/fun memories in her career that she could not pick just one on the spot. She does not like all of the technology failures at FHS (does anyone?). Strakonsky is looking forward to real doors and windows. In all of her thirty two years of teaching, she has been in the same room and she has never had a door or any windows. Strakonsky says it is her turn to get them. Her favorite thing about the building is that everyone in her department is all in the same area. SO if she wants to talk to another AP psychology teacher about the lecture that day, she can walk right out her “door,” and straight into the other teacher’s classroom.

Look for the next segment of Teachers React in a few days when I talk to Mr. and Mrs. Reed, Mr. Allevato, Mr. Barber and Ms. Walters.

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