Get to Know our New and Improved Golf Team

Many students may not know about our school’s Golf team, but it has 19 student players (17 boys and 2 girls) and is coached by Michael Cleary also our AP U.S teacher. The golf team is checking in a good season with a 2:7 win loss ratio and many of those losses were extremely close matches.  This doubles their wins from last year, with many of the golfers performing well individually and contributing to the team’s overall improved record.  High scoring golfers have been  freshman Stephanie Quiroa, junior Patrick Browning freshman Sam Draper and junior Nicholas Spessard.


The golf team practices every day at Clustered Spires Golf Course located off of Monocacy Boulevard. Many of the team members travel to the course for practice by carpool. Seniors Austin Gilbert and Ryan Sweeny graciously drive a lot of the players to practice, as FCPS does not provide any transportation for golf practices. The golf team placed 9th in the county tournament out of 10 teams, but our young team is already excited for the next season (2017) and hope to triple their winning record.


Look for our next article on our very own county champion Stephanie Quiroa, who is the best golfer on the FHS team, and how she became so good at golf.

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