New School Same Staff Members Part 2

Looking ahead to the new Frederick High also brings with it some looking back at what we love and hate about the old Frederick High.  Who better to talk about these unique aspects of our school than teachers and staff members who have spent so many years within its walls.  Most of the teachers interviewed have worked at Frederick High for over 20 years.

I had the opportunity to interview some of the busiest people in the school, Mr. and Mrs. Reed, during the five minutes when the front office was not too busy. Mrs. Reed has been working here since 1995, but Mr. Reedreeds has only been at FHS since 2002. Mrs. Reed has taught home economics, and she has worked in the front office. Mr. Reed has worked in the front office, but before coming to FHS, he worked at Ft. Detrick. Mrs. Reed enjoys the front office the most because it’s always busy, and she always has something to do. Working in the office also guarantees that when she and her husband walk home, they don’t have to worry about grading papers that night, or coming up with a lesson plan for next week. Mrs. Reed said that the craziest thing that has ever happened to her was that she got a call saying that someone was locked in the stairwell. Could it have been Mrs. Cramer? The biggest problem these two face during the day is staying calm in the midst of chaos. They’re looking forward to big hallways, and lots of windows to let in the sunlight. Mrs. Reed’s favorite thing about the building is the big window at the front of the school, and how the third floor has tons of windows. She also likes the “quirkiness” of the school.

Mr. Barber has been teaching at FHS for twenty seven years. He has taught computer graphics, dark room photography, drawing & painting, publications and digital photography. His favorite to teach is publications. The craziest thing that has happened to Mr. Barber in the building is when the earthquake in 2012 hit. He was walking down the music hallway and he described it like a funhouse at a carnival. Mr. Barber does not like how there are not many private bathrooms for teachers. Mr. Barber loves the history of the school, and the loves the character. He’s going to miss his room because he’s taught it in for twenty seven years, but he says he’s looking forward to brand new, everything.

Mr Allevato was up nexallevatot. He has been teaching here for thirty one years. He has taught AP chemistry, chemistry, ICP, environmental science and AP environmental. His favorite to teach is chemistry, because it’s his major. The craziest thing that has happened to him in the building was that during a lab, a test tube exploded and he was cut. He didn’t even notice the cut until a student pointed it out to him. He had to go to the hospital to get stitches. Mr. Allevato does not like the narrow stairwells, the power outages and how the temperature is never the same. He is most looking forward to large hallways. Mr. Allevato will like how a new school will give the students the feeling that they are appreciated. He says the new building is long overdue, and it’s time for the people at FHS to feel appreciated. I don’t think anyone at FHS disagrees with this statement. His favorite thing about the school is the big tree in the front because “it’s classic”.

Lastly, I asked Mrs. Walters the same questions. Mrs. Walters has worked at FHS for thirty eight years. She has taught, Spanish, consumer education, parenting, ELL, career researcwaltersh and development, independent living, and intro to business. Her favorite to teach is consumer education. The craziest thing that has happened to her at FHS is that one year, there was a yellow jacket nest in her air conditioning unit. Her room was full of yellow jackets for a full school week until they were removed. The problem she encounters the most in the school day is the hallways. She says they’re just as bad for teachers as they are for students. She is looking forward to new, and bigger hallways. She loves the history that the school represents, but like so many of us, she’s also looking forward to uniformly heated and air conditioned rooms all across the school.

Among all the teachers I interviewed, the most common favorite thing about the building is the history that it holds. Almost everyone is proud of what FHS represents. This shows that whether they are in a brand new building, or a building that doesn’t even have real doors or walls, the teachers are all proud to be a part of the Sabre Nation.


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