Spirit Week 2017 Recap



Spirit week 2k17 kicked off during the first week in November, and each day was full of FHS Pride.  It quickly became apparent that Frederick High has an immense amount of school spirit, one that our student body would put up against any other school in the county, with confidence.  In addition, rivalries between classes began to heat up as the week went on – starting with the after school games on Monday, and continuing to the intense pep rally which took place outside in the Cadet Stadium on the newly renovated turf field.  All in all, it was another spirit week for the books – check below for more information on specific events that occurred throughout the week.


Dress-up Days

Maryland Monday

Senior Dress Up Day/Class Color

Tacky Tourist/Favorite Sports Team

Duo Day

Black & Gold Day


After School Activities


Bowling (Monday) – This match took place at Terrace Lanes and was tightly contested up until the end. However, the Seniors took 1st place.  Following them, the Juniors took second, Sophomores 3rd, and the Freshman ended up in last place.


Tug of War (Tuesday) – Located out on the front lawns of the school, this competition featured an upset of the seniors due to some squad members failing to show up.  The Sophomores stole 1st place, with the Seniors coming in a close second.  The Juniors and Freshman came in 3rd and 4th places, respectively.


Twister (Wednesday) – The site for this event was the brand new Cadet Coliseum, which was filled with spectators for this final physical game between the classes.  Emotions were high and voices were strained from cheering on teammates, and it was the Seniors who came out on top again, with 3 people left on the board at the end of the match. The Juniors came in 2nd place with 2 people left, and the Sophomores and Freshman tied for the last two places, each with one man left standing.


Hallway Window Decorating (Thursday) – Each class had students donate hours of time after school, for weeks, in order to help their class win the hallway decorating contest which was judged on Friday morning.  The results were surprising with the underclassmen coming out on top. The Juniors took 1st place, Sophomores took 2nd, Seniors in 3rd, and Freshmen bringing up the rear.


Pep Rally


The pep rally, that all the students anticipate so much, took a different route this year. Although the shift from indoor to outdoors had a different feel, it didn’t stop Frederick High School from showing their school spirit! It was an amazing sight to watch more than 1,000 students pour from the doors of the new Frederick High, all dressed in black and gold, walking with excitement and determination towards the stadium. Fun new games were implemented, such as the Fall Student Athlete Competition and the Sumo Suit Race, while also continuing traditions like pieing teachers in the face. One of the most exciting old traditions that was brought back this year was the parade around downtown! With many clubs, teams, and classes present, everyone had a great time marching through the City of Frederick showing off some Cadet pride.  During the pep rally, students were chanting loud and proud for their class during the Pep Rally Games, Duct Tape Dress (which was won by senior Victoria Dumadag, who claims she stayed up virtually all night in order to complete her dress), Step Team, and especially during Mr. Templeton’s specialty, ‘Who’s gonna win this game tonight?’  Frederick High never disappoints on supporting our Fall Sports Teams, especially our soccer team who played a hard fought match that night in the Sectional Finals of the Maryland State Playoffs. In the final minutes of the Pep Rally, Seniors came up in first place, winning by over 40 points. Juniors placed in second, Freshman in third, and Sophomores took up the rear.


Homecoming Dance


The Homecoming dance this year was a new experience for all, especially the fact that it was located in the brand new gymnasium. The Student Government Association spent a larger budget than normal in order to compensate for this new setting – adding decorations to the lounge area, and even hiring Mr. Templeton’s nephew as the DJ for the night.  Although the doors technically opened at 8pm, many people started rolling in around 9pm, coming straight from dinner reservations.  A few minutes later, everyone formed an aisle in the gym to allow the Homecoming Court candidates to walk down onto the stage.  Voting took place online on Friday afternoon and the winners were Bella Pellet and Asa Weeks!  After this, everyone rushed back to the floor near the front where many dance circles broke out.  Popular songs of the night included Bodak Yellow, Mi Gente, and The Cupid Shuffle, a classic.  Although it was a bittersweet feeling to end Spirit Week (especially for the Seniors as this was their last Homecoming), everyone had a great time, and continued to carry on the great Cadet traditions that we are all so proud of.

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