New School, New Pep Rally

The 2017 spirit week had much in store for the Cadets. There were dress up days, Spirit Links, the dance, but now, an outdoor pep rally. In previous decades, the pep rally was done outside, in the stadium. However, in more recent years, the main gym has been the setting of everyone’s favorite school spirit event.

This year, with an enormous sophomore class, the Pep Rally Committee of the SGA was forced to create an outdoor pep rally. I, along with many others, was wondering whether or not the pep rally would be the same, high energy, high fun event I had grown to love. Along with my concerns, I was uncertain of the logistics and feasibility of an outdoor pep rally.

I spoke with Olivia Arrington, Chair of the Pep Rally Committee, about this. “Part of the magic of our pep rallies has always been the intimacy, being in a small place. We have incorporated many high energy activities into the whole of the pep rally, to keep people engaged.” She also questioned the outdoor pep rally. “At first, we were nervous because we are all familiar with the planning and setting up of an indoor pep rally. There were some basic challenges in figuring out how to get everyone from the school to the field in reasonable time… the pep rally is planned down to the minute.” However, despite her concerns, she was “excited to pave the way for the first outdoor pep rally at the new school,” which turned out awesome! The 2017 pep rally was a success and Cadets left feeling the same excited buzz that previous pep rallies left them with.

The 2017 pep rally was new for many students. Many voiced concerns and doubts, but the Pep Rally Committee created an amazing and exhilarating event. Although it was not the same gym, or even the same school, the 2017 pep rally was on for the history books.

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  1. Pablo Diablo

    Great job on putting on a great pep rally Ms. Arrington!
    Glad that FHS still does pep rallies and that the students are enjoying the experience.
    Love the job you guys have done with this news site, keep up the good work.

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