#MeToo – Voices Heard

Women everywhere have been speaking out about their sexual assault stories and experiences. Motivated by recent claims about Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulting various women in the entertainment industry, twitter has been blowing up.


In order to bring awareness to issues such as these, a hashtag called “MeToo” has been cascading the media, letting the world know just how common sexual assault is. From everyday women to famous celebrities, women around the world are sharing their experiences and letting other women and girls know that they are not alone.


While some like to turn a blind eye to sexual assault and harassment cases, women are trying their best to make their voices heard and show that this is not okay. Many people don’t even report sexual assault because they fear that no one will believe them or they will be victim blamed or shamed. Talking about being sexually assaulted can be traumatic and humiliating for many victims, but just because something wasn’t reported doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. This is why copious women are bravely sharing their stories in order to take account what happens to so many women everyday.


Lesly Rodas, a senior at FHS, believes that “People who have gotten away with this for so long are finally being seen for who they are. This has been an issue for many years prior to what’s been reoccuring in the media today. The whole hashtag thing is relevant now because of the generation we are living in through social media, before it would be seen in a different kind of light. Women and men who are telling their stories have every right to do so through social media. If it helps at least one person then it is helping.”


Coming out with sexual assault stories might be a trend right now, but sexual assault and harassment has always been happening and won’t stop unless the right action is taken.

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