Pretzel & Pizza Creations: A Local Family Success

Many know the restaurant as the place with delicious pizza and extraordinary stuffed pretzels. However, not many know about the origin of the establishment. The restaurant first started in 1991 by a woman named Natalie Nastovici and her husband Emil. She still owns the business to this day. She moved from Romania to New York and eventually ended up in Frederick. Two years ago, they even opened a second Pretzel & Pizza Creations in Hagerstown, which is run by Natalie’s daughter, Katie. She works shifts and helps with deliveries. The two restaurants interact on a daily basis.

The recipe of their pretzels has not changed since it first opened. They continue to make their pretzels from mostly local and organic ingredients. Currently, popular items include pizzas, sandwiches, pretzels, and calzones.

If you are in need of a job, Pretzel & Pizza Creations is always looking for people. They generally hire people from the age of 16, however there are some limitations. Those under 18 cannot operate machine driven battery equipment. However, please consider this as one of your options.

Pretzel & Pizza Creations is involved in many local events and activities such as street festivals, the Fire and Ice event, and trick or treating events. If you would like to be a part of the community, it would be a great idea to join the Pretzel & Pizza Creations for these events. Hours fluctuate by the day, but be sure to try to visit the restaurant on the weekends, when it is open until 3 am.

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