Remodeling the Model United Nations Club

Model United Nations, or MUN, is a club where students simulate UN summits by acting as delegates to the United Nations. Sometimes students simulate major summits outside of the United Nations, from the Order of the Phoenix in Harry Potter to the powers of World War II.  To do this well requires a great deal of research and preparation. The club engages many skills that one needs to be successful, including leadership, understanding of others, teamwork, and self confidence.

         It has modest origins as a club. When it started it only had about 4 members, but over the years the club has grown. Today it has over 70 members.

Frederick MUN is special, though, as it also focuses on the public good. Many initiatives are taken, such as the Care for Kids drive , where students donate household or hygiene products to benefit the people that cannot afford them. Adopt a Family is another community initiative, where families that cannot typically afford gifts can still enjoy the holiday season with their families. This involves another set of skills, and gets the members of the club involved in giving back to the community. This sets the people who choose to join MUN up for a life that lives up to Frederick High’s motto of “Entering to Learn and Going Forward to Serve.”

         A host of incredible teachers supervise the club, including Mrs. Ketrow, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Fox, and Mrs. Grove. Past advisors have included Mr. Eggamen, Mr. Johnston, and Mr. Cleary. These teachers have volunteered their personal time to making sure that the students have what they need, and that the club is living up to its reputation.

         Many of the planned conferences, Centennial and the Hood College Simulation, are practice and preparation for the Johns Hopkins University MUN Conference in February, also known as JHUMUNC. Many past MUN students have spoken highly of this event, which involves an overnight trip to Baltimore and fun opportunities outside of the exciting simulations. Depending on whether members are interested, there may be another event in April, with the details to be announced.

         Anyone who joins Frederick MUN can expect to be challenged, to learn new things, to make new friends, and to have plenty of fun along the way.

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