How Common is the Common Area?

The Common Area; a new and unique addition to our freshly-built school. With the construction of the new Frederick High building came numerous additions unique to our school compared to other schools throughout the state. With its’ modern variety of seating arrangements, The Common Area was created to be “the place to be”. However, with new rules set during the transition to the new school, a large majority of students have began to question, how common actually is the common area?

As the year progresses, students have voiced their frustrations with the scenario of the space, as many students have questioned “Why aren’t we allowed to be in the Common Area during lunch shifts if we’re supervised and not eating?” or “What is the purpose of the Common space if we have few times available to use it?”.

A design aspect created by Principal Campagnoli, The Common Area, also known as “The heart of the school” according to Ms. Campagnoli was implemented as a new and creative setting for learning outside of the classroom, and as a place for students and staff to congregate before, during, and after school. The Common Area is to be used by Lynx students for Lynx activities, for all students as an area to spend time with peers before and after school, a place for teams to be before practices if supervised by a coach or advisor, and a space for staff to utilize as outside of the class learning. The rules of the Common Area are simple; no eating or drinking allowed (unless drinking water), and all students must be supervised at all times, rules that have always been in place throughout the school.

Juniors Allison Fry, Lexi Mcnally and Lauren Kokoski feel that they are not able to the use the common area to its full advantage. They have also expressed a concern that students are not able to use the space during lunch, which would be helpful as they have began to notice there are still students who stand within the cafeteria and could potentially sit in the Common Area.

“I’m grateful for all of the new spaces we have in the new school and all of the money that was spent to allow us to have such nice things, but I feel like I never get to use the Common Area throughout the day.” says Fry.

All in all, FHS students are overly grateful for all of the new luxuries we’ve been provided with in our new school.

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