Fall Play Review: “The Not-So-Grand Hotel”

Grab your hats, your bags, and your… shovels? The first play in the new building was shown right here at Frederick High on Thursday November 30th, Friday December 1st, and Saturday December 2nd at 7:00 PM. It was called “The Not-So-Grand Hotel”, and it was about a crazy, broken-down hotel in the middle of nowhere that didn’t get much business ordinarily, but then a mudslide blocked the highway. With nowhere else to go, strange guests started showing up to the hotel, in addition to the already dysfunctional staff.  Afterwards, chaos and madness broke loose.

When asked why he chose the play Mr. Templeton told us that it was a funny farce, with a “ridiculous plot.” He was excited about the new auditorium, and said that there will be more space, better lighting, and more microphones.

The cast included Soleia Fiester, Samuel Melcher, Dylan Gibb, and many more talented actors. The tickets were sold for $5.

With such a funny play, great stage, and incredible cast, it would’ve been a shame to miss.

Indeed, most students surveyed said that the play was “pretty good,” which is a positive rating.

Samuel Melcher, the actor that played eccentric British geologist Reginald Roger “Reggie” Rogers, says that he was “quite pleased” with how it turned out.

“Everyone worked hard and played their parts excellently.”

His character was very self interested in the first act, but stands up to a police chief for his love interest in the second act. Sam tells us that this was his favorite part.

“I like this, because this is the moment I realize I’m willing to go to jail for the woman I love, and it’s the moment I change for the better.”

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