Senior Class of 2018: A Showcase of Success and FHS Spirit

While Senior year often brings a relaxed course load, the reality of life as an independent makes the time high stress for students. We’ve all been aware of our fate, however, just months away from graduation, amist college applications, receival of acceptance letters, financial calculations, all on top of our regular course load, we are practically hit in the face with the reality of “leaving home” and the absence of preparations we should have made. We talked to a few students about their plans for after high school.

Sumi Mondal is an AP student here at Frederick High School who plans on studying biochemical engineering at University of Maryland. “I’m planning to major in bio/chemical engineering and work for a few years after college. If I don’t like my life, then I’d go to medical school and become a doctor. If all else fails, I’d be a teacher.” Sumi is currently interning at NCI, which she feels has assisted her journey to biochemical engineering. When asked about tips for upcoming seniors, “You don’t have to write the essay early, but at least have some outlines. If you have absolutely no idea what you want to do, it’s okay! College is for learning what you’re good at. For non-seniors I would say join a lot of clubs, get a feel for what you like, but when you find that certain topic/subject go for it!” Sumi also added that it’s better to excel at one thing rather than be ok at a variety of things.

Chris Toller was the second student picked. He is a senior at Frederick High School who has attended the school for four years. He spent three of his years at the old Frederick High, at which he looks back fondly. He loved the close-knit, family-like community at the old building. He appreciated the deep rooted spirit and traditions. However, Chris feels that the new school lacks these important aspects, but he remains optimistic. He hopes that the same roots and traditions will find their way back to the school community as newer classes grow and develop at Frederick High.

Chris has taken great pride in his academics and extracurricular activities in and out of school. He has worked hard to get good grades and remain involved while doing so. His favorite classes include Sociology, AP Psychology, and AP Lang with Ms. Matheny. He likes to learn about foreign cultures, such as Russian, German, and Latino cultures. Also, he has been a member of the Student Government Association, as well as Junior Exec and hallway decorating. However, Chris spends most of his time participating in the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC). This is a training program for the U.S. Navy to train and prepare young service men and women in fields ranging from Culinary Arts, to the Special Forces, to Medics. Chris has been a Sea Cadet for four years and is a Petty Officer 2nd Class Corpsman. He has trained to be a Combat Life Saver over his four years in the program. The USNSCC has been integral in preparing Chris for his future in the military.

Ever since he was four, Chris has known he wants to serve in the military. He has carried that dream into today. On September 25th, 2017, Chris enlisted in the Army as an Airborne Ranger Combat Medic. He will spend approximately one year in training for his position, and then will receive his Ranger Assignment. In that year, he will spend nine weeks in Basic Training, where he will be broken down, built back up into an Army Ranger, and then polished, as he puts it. Then, following Basic Training, Chris will be sent to Advanced Individual Training where he will go through the 68 Whiskey program. This is an intensive, 18 week program where he learns the skills needed to be a Combat Medic. After that, he will go to Basic Airborne Training, where he will learn to jump and parachute from a plane. Then finally, Chris will be given his Ranger Assignment, which could be deployment or Ranger School. He expects a long career of at least 20 years and plans to be a teacher, doctor, or astronaut. Chris is deeply inspired by his dad who has served for 22 years in the military and he is going to follow his footsteps.

Chris has put in much hard work to achieve his dreams. He has worked hard in school, participated in special programs, and spent hours training and exercising for his future. Chris believes that hard work is worth it to achieve one’s goals. He wants younger students and classes to know that “if you have an aspiration, don’t cut corners… it’s your life, do what you want to do.” Chris strongly believes that as students, we are up and coming leaders and that learning strong leadership skills is important for not only our own future, but the world’s future as well.

Both of these seniors are hard working, driven students. They show effort in the classroom and throughout the community. Chris and Sumi make a point to set goals and do whatever it takes to reach them. Both have bright futures that they work towards everyday. These seniors show what Frederick High spirit is all about!

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