Communication Club: Creating Connections and Companions


Want to make new friends? Establish connections? Then join NHS students to interact with ELL students every Monday during Connect!

There are a variety of activities, ranging from conversation cards to break the ice to non-structured activities where you can talk about anything you want. Students can have conversations about anything ranging from gossip to government and politics. The goal is to create a full and authentic immersion experience for ELL students.

The club had been running two years prior, but students Olivia Arrington and Pablo Gonzales have transformed it into a partnership with the National Honors Society. Students that are part of this club can use this as an opportunity to earn tutoring and volunteering hours. However, this event is open to all members of FHS!

This partnership has had an astonishing impact on the school at large. With one-third of our school in the ELL program, it is important that we break barriers and include these students in our community. Engaging in real-world conversation allows these students to improve their conversational skills and increase fluency.

The advisor, Mrs. Duffy, has stated that it has been a huge benefit to her ELL students and that it is “the best activity [her] students can do to succeed.” The fluency they gain from these activities bleeds into their reading comprehension and writing skills, giving them confidence and motivation to do well in class and improve their English.

Many Spanish speakers have made American friends through this program. One student, Garrison, has stated that he talks about history and government with his friends.

If you are interested, ask Mrs. Duffy or Mr. Burroughs in rooms 238 and 233 to sign up for this amazing experience. You will not regret it!

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