Annual Leadership Conference: Kindness and Unity


The Frederick High School Annual Leadership Conference has been running for about 20 years, and the 2018 conference happened on March 9th from 6 pm to 9:30, with around 50 students in attendance. It was sponsored by the FHS Student Government Association (SGA), and took place here in the school building. Following the conference was a mini lock-in, lasting until 11:45. All in all, there were snacks, special speakers, games and great leadership trainings.

This year’s theme was “Leading through Kindness and Unity”, and the sessions were focused on how students can “support, welcome, and demonstrate compassion towards one another”.

Following registration and the introductions, there was a schoolwide Scavenger hunt, which led into the first session, called “Common Grounds”. This session divided people into groups by asking where they stand on a controversial topic, and then asked several other questions to see where their views lined up, and how similar they actually were. The goal was to build a connection between people, despite some differing opinions.

The next session was the “Kindness Challenge”. This session takes place over 30 days following the conference. A list of tasks will be posted where the banner typically are, and one task will have to be completed each day. The goal is to get students to take an active role in treating people in a more compassionate way, and apply what they learn in the conference.

After that was “Building Support in the Student Body”. During this session a presentation was given on the importance of attending school games, matches, and activities. It also teaches methods to get other people to support your own teams.  

The attendants of this conference are sure to be better and more capable leaders in their community. “They gain more confidence because of the conference,” Mrs. Strakonsky says. “I definitely see a greater willingness to step up.”

If you weren’t able to attend it this year, don’t be upset. We’ll see you there next year.

Images courtesy of Heidi Gonzalez.

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